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Koolulam is first and foremost a social initiative – meant to make the world a little bit better. For this reason, we find it only natural to bring Koolulam to the heart of the next generation – our children.

Koolulam is in the process if developing a unique and rich educational program – to be implemented in schools.

In 2018 alone, Koolulam has been approached by more than 500 different educational institutions, all requesting to hold Koolulam events. It is evidently clear to educators, as well as to us, that Koolulam events hold tremendous educational value.

For this reason, we have set in motion the establishment of a new and central project in Koolulam – KoolSchool. KoolSchool will allow children and teens to experience the empowering process of a Koolulam event – not only in participation but also in production.

Koolulam will arrive at schools to take students through an immersive process – teaching them how to produce their very own Koolulam event from A to Z. We are HIGHLY excited about this.