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Neshama Carlebach, a leading Superstar in Jewish entertainment, is continuing the legacy established by her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Like her father, Neshama's talent and charisma captivate and endear her to people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds. Neshama has Performed and taught in cities worldwide, has sung on the Broadway stage, has sold more than one million records, and was a six-time entrant in the 2011 Grammy Awards. Neshama was one of the creators of the Broadway musical "Soul Doctor."

Neshama’s collaboration with Reverend Milton Vann and the Glory to God Singers is both entertaining and life-changing. The material, born of the Carlebach legacy, combined with her band, excellent vocal and instrumental musicianship, will inspire beyond description. Heaven and earth connect somehow, as this bridge building event brings people of all faiths, backgrounds, and perspectives together.

Communities worldwide are embracing this unique opportunity to open their doors to all neighbors and create new relationships. Neshama, a six-time entrant to the Grammy Awards, will bring her magical, hypnotizing songs to your ears and heart. The coming together of words and worlds will inspire your audience to love more deeply and to give humanity a second chance.

In November of 2016, Neshama was inducted into the Brooklyn Hall of Fame, where she received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for her work. Neshama is currently touring with a new band and gospel choir and joyfully raising her two sons, Rafael and Micah.

Neshama in concert


“Neshama's got the needed vocal blend of chanteuse and cantor that both honors her father's legacy and puts her own stamp on the proceedings.” -World Music Central

Backed by her band of incredible musicians who play with the likes of Ray Charles, Barbara Streisand and Stevie Wonder, Neshama will create a fabulous night of spirituality and mesmerizing music. The concert consists of Carlebach classics that you will recognize alongside original music that will fill your heart with joy for days to come. In between songs Neshama speaks about the meaningful origins of her lyrics and explains the deeper translations of the songs in Hebrew, but the music and message transcend any language barrier. People of all backgrounds will feel included and come away from the experience transformed. Neshama’s poignant ballads and uplifting melodies will inspire audiences worldwide to sing, dance, and open their hearts.

Private Shows


Imagine a candlelit room filled with your most beloved friends, sweet treats, warm conversations, singing, dancing, laughter, and tears. Neshama and her musicians will speak to your hearts with songs and stories, creating an event you will never forget. Neshama sings in private homes and larger venues in honor of all special occasions: birthday and engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs, Bris/Simchat Bat, holiday celebrations, life transitions and even on those evenings where there’s really no special reason at all beyond coming together with loved ones. No audience is too big or too small. These shows are often Neshama’s most favorite as she values the chance to come into a home and connect deeply with people through her music.

Events and Classes

Neshama also offers soulful and inspiring lectures and workshops. Interweaving uplifting Carlebach music with her stories and teachings, these classes are not to be missed! The opportunity for people to interact on a personal level with Neshama and hear reflections about her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, is a life changing experience. Her ability to combine the magical elements of music and teachings creates a meaningful environment where spirituality and ritual are accessible and relevant.

Neshama’s transformational programs are an incredible addition to spiritual events and curricula worldwide and are designed for participants of all backgrounds, faiths, and age groups. Various Classes Include:

Kabbalat Shabbat service

Join Neshama for a musical or a Capella Kabbalat Shabbat service, filled with uplifting Carlebach melodies. Over Shabbat Neshama will speak on various topics, often in collaboration with the Rabbi and/or Hazzan, sing at services, lead Havdallah and inspire your congregation to feel a deeper connection to both Shabbat and themselves. Your community will have the special opportunity to interact with Neshama on a personal level.Neshama is also an incredible addition to Jewish holidays. She joins the clergy as a soloist in leading holiday services and elevates traditional learning moments with storytelling, teaching, and song.