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Idan Rafael Haviv is a multidisciplinary artist, self-taught, openly dealing with different artistic genres in parallel, such as painting, visual arts, poetry, photography and more. In recent years Idan became one of the busiest artists in Israel, working on a third album and with two albums that reached gold status and merited praises and a successful tour that swept a large audience. In 2011 Idan issued the debut album "A little bit each time" and in 2013 his second album "Lose interest in Time", both albums were musically produced by Gilad Shmueli.

Idan collaborated with The Idan Raichel Project's songs, "Mom, Dad and all the rest" and "At night" which won song of the year 2013. Idan also wrote the song "Until you return" for Yuval Dayan. Idan will perform favorite songs from both albums that were played constantly in Israeli radio stations, including "Mechaka-Waiting", "Achshav o leolam-Now or never", "Ein po makom-There is no place here," "Kol paam ketsat – A bit every time" "Or adom-Red Light", "Kmo kol yom- Like every day" and also songs he touched such as "Ima, aba vekol hashar - Mom, Dad and all the rest", "Ad shetachzor – Until you return", "Balayla – At night ".



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