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Matti Caspi is an Israeli composer, musician, singer, arranger, and lyricist. He is regarded as one of Israel’s top musicians. Caspi has released close to 1,000 songs, in a musical style that is influenced by classical music, Brazilian and Latin music, Jazz, Rock and other genres. Caspi has won numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious "Kinor David" (David's harp). Many of the Israeli songs that are being played on various radio programs are in one way or another related to Caspi - whether as a singer, composer, arranger or producer.

Matti Caspi hits became a milestone in the Israeli music culture, in this show he will perform his classic hits; “Hineh Hineh”, “Brit Olam”, “Yamei Binyamina”, “Eh Ze Shohev”, “Yamei Batzoret”, “Slicha”, “Mishehu”, “Hi Hazra Be Tshuva”, “Keshe Elohim Amar Ba Pam Harishona”, “Noah”, “Lo Yadati Sh Tilhi Mimeni”, Makom Le Deaga”, “Ze mehaber”, “Od Tiri Et Haderech” and many more..



Matti's - Press Kit