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For over a decade Eran has investigated and researched the world of Mentalism and the “paranormal” – a field that has stimulated the imagination and tantalized the many different cultures of the human race for thousands of years. 

Combined with a sharp sense of humor, stage charisma and abundant personal charm, Eran’s performances, that integrate the world of magic with the world of telepathy, create an unforgettable experience for a wide variety of audiences both in Israel and around the globe. 

His shows are tailor made for stage, television, private events, and professional trade shows and conferences for large Israeli and international corporations and organizations.





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Stage Shows

An unforgettable FUN evening of pure entertainment - dynamic, full of energy and sophisticated humour. The full array of Eran’s mysterious and mind baffling techniques will stupefy even the most skeptical. Many members of the audience are invited to play a leading role as Eran predicts and influences their behavior. Stage shows can be set up for as few as 10 people and up to 1,000. All you need is a stage, basic sound equipment (if not available, Eran can provide), a hand mike and theater style seating. Ideally suited for corporate events, meetings, private parties , and even charity events.


Private Parties

Personalized shows designed for every possible type of event and any age group from teenagers to senior citizens. The guests will be invited by Eran to actively participate, and the celebrant of the occasion will be given the STAR role. Private events are built in two parts:

  • The show itself (Eran’s full repertoire as outlined in the Stage show description) with a special portion dedicated to the celebrant.
  • Eran mingles with the guests astonishing them personally with close-up magic right under their noses.
    An exciting adventure into the inexplicable for the family and their guests – that all will remember forever!


    Corporate Events

    All corporate events are uniquely tailored to client requirements. Eran Biderman delivers the ultimate in Corporate Branding …. Whether the goal be:
  • Sales Promotions, Sales kick off, Launch of a new product or service, Marketing events, Corporate meetings, Conferences, Trade shows, Corporate celebrations and more.
  • pre-meetings will be set up with management and the marketing & sales teams in order to study their needs and characterize the relevant corporate messages that need to be embedded and emphasized in Eran’s dynamic, highly entertaining and interactive show.