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The Ultimate Concert of the 21st Century
"A Journey Into the Rhythm" is a boundless musical journey, devoid of any frameworks or prejudices, which crosses diverse and powerful musical genres and styles - ranging from Bach to 21st century music. The performance combines original and innovative works that were especially written for him by neo-Romantic composers. The works are an unusual mix of Romantic classical music, electronic music and world music.

Ziv Eitan, the percussion and marimba master, leads the dynamic performance like a true virtuoso. This multifaceted artist has acquired a unique and daring playing style, whose works are characterized by an acute emotional transition from one style to another. Eitan is accompanied by Yonatan Givoni, also a percussionist, and Yoad Nir, a cellist. The three play against a backdrop of video art and lighting. At any given moment, the musicians take their listeners on a rich and diverse musical journey. They generate changing interest and energy thanks to sharp and potent metamorphoses, conveying the audience from place to place - this all occurring while Eitan, Givoni and Nir continue to surprise, excite, and captivate the audience.

Ziv Eitan Marimb The combination between an uninhibited total performance and innovative, international music makes this a unique, complete and moving performance, never witnessed in the past.

Performances have thus far been held in the Far East, United States and Europe, all of which were an incredible success!

The album "A Journey Into the Rhythm" is distributed worldwide by the German company, PKS Group.


Ziv's - Press Kit