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Yehudit Ravitz (Hebrew: יהודית רביץ‎; born December 29, 1956) is an Israeli singer-songwriter, composer and music producer. She is one of the most successful and famous Israeli rock musicians, with a career spanning over thirty years. As of 2012, she has released 12 solo albums.

Music career

Ravitz was born in Beersheba. She was accepted to the Combat Engineering Corps military band by Ehud Manor. While serving in the army, she joined the Israeli rock group "Sheshet".

She performed the song "Forgiveness", a composition to the song of the Israeli poet Leah Goldberg, at the 1977 pre-Eurovision contest. Ravitz finished 6th place at the festival, but the song became "Song of The Year" in 1977. As a result of her success, she left Sheshet and began a solo career. That same year, she participated in "A Beautiful Tropical Country", a tribute concert for Brazilian music, produced by Matti Caspi. In 1978, she joined Gidi Gov, Yoni Rechter and David Broza to record 'The 16th sheep', (written by Yehonatan Geffen). This album of children's music has enjoyed enduring popularity in Israel since.[citation needed]

In 1987, Ravitz released the very successful rock album "Coming from Love". She produced Corinne Allal's 1989 album 'Antarctica', which also enjoyed widespread success in Israel. In 1992, she co-produced Israeli contratenor David D'Or's hit song "Yad Anuga" ("Gentle Hand", or "Tender Hand"), which was released as a 12-inch single by Big Beat Records, and reached # 3 in the most frequently played charts in Great Britain.[1]

In 1994 Ravitz participated in the Jazz concert 'Jazz film and videotape', with Jazz remakes of some of her songs. In 1995, she collaborated with Esther Ofarim on a live performance, later released on DVD, including a duet of "Cinderella Rockafella". In 1997, she released the album 'What kind of girl'.

On July 3, 2008, Ravitz performed her first Caesarea Amphitheatre show in a decade to a sold-out crowd, after participating as a 'model musician' in the Israeli reality television show 'kohav nolad'. Due to high demand, additional shows were added, with tickets selling out within days. Her most recent album, 'Songs from home' was released in 2010. The album is a tribute for classic Israeli songs.