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RITA is by far the most celebrated and successful singer in Israel. In 2008 she was voted number 1 female singer in a special countdown for Israel's 60th anniversary. Twenty five years after her career began, RITA continues to prove, with crowded theatres and stadiums alike and with multi-platinum albums, that she is by far the biggest female vocalist Israel has to offer.

During 2009 Rita’s song “Love Has Begun” topped the adult contemporary and indie charts in the US and she was selected ‘most promising artist 2009’. In 2010 Rita was the closing act for the Israeli stand at the Shanghai world EXPO, where she performed to the delight of her many enthusiastic Chinese fans. In 2011 she represented Israel at the Istanbul Jazz festival alongside acts from Glikeriya (Greece), Aynur (Turkey) and Buyaka (Spain).

In recent years Rita felt the need to reconnect with the Persian/Iranian music of her childhood. To this end she performed with the Israeli band “The Mind Church”, and worked together with them to produce a number based on a traditional Iranian song. The song entitled “Stop the Pain” was released to rapturous radio reception. Rita also recently completed a world music oriented album, dedicated to her musical roots, working with some of Israel’s best known music producers. The album “My Joys” was released in December 2011, and was debuted at Tel Aviv’s Hangar 11 to an ecstatic audience including many from the Persian community. All the songs on the album hold a special significance for Rita – and fans have been quick to embrace its intimacy and authenticity.

Throughout her career Rita has sold over a million copies of her albums, won dozen of prizes and has been celebrated as the top performer and singer in Israel. A true performer, she continues to explore new and exciting musical territories, trying out new sounds and testing her vocals to the limit. Even after so many years in the business, she still manages to captivate audiences with her sensational performances.


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