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Harel Skaat
Harel Skaat born in Kfar-Sava, Israel and was just 5 years old when his kindergarten teacher noticed that little Harel had a unique vocal ability.
Ever since, Harel became one of the leading and most sought-after artists in Israel.
He recorded two successful albums and has received all possible awards in the Israel music industry.

"A Star Is Born"
Harel was in the second year of his studies at "Beit Zvi" - the Academy for the Performing Arts, when he joined the second season of "A Star is born", the Israeli adaptation of American Idol.
He was immediately crowned as a candidate for winning, and received the highest number of votes during all the show's stages due to his stunning performances and inspiring vocal abilities.
Harel won second place in the season finale.

Debut Album - "Harel Skaat"

In 2006 Harel released his debut album - "Harel Skaat".
The album achieved gold status after 3 weeks and eventually reached platinum.
The debut album yielded five chart-leading hits, which were at the top of the charts on all national radio stations.
Moreover, the annual record rankings positioned Harel's debut album as an unprecedented success in the Israel music industry, and he was awarded all possible titles that year including:

In addition to these titles, Harel won other titles due to his immense popularity with his younger audience:

Later on, Harel embarked on an extensive and critically acclaimed tour in support of the album with more than 200 shows in concert halls all over Israel.

Second Album "Figures"
In 2009 Harel Skaat launched his second album, "Figures" in the first online media store in Israel. The album achieved gold status.
Furthermore, Harel gained impressive rankings at the Israeli Music Channel's "Song of the Decade" awards amongst the most talented musicians in Israel.
Harel won 2nd place in Singer of the Decade and 4th Place (out of 500) in Song of the Decade.

All these and more have positioned Harel Skaat as one of the leading and most sought-after artists in Israel.
Harel's extraordinary vocal talent and charming charisma have given him the great privilege and opportunity to participate in many shows, large scale events and national services.
On May 2010 Harel Skaat represented Israel in the Eurovision song contest and captured Europe hearts. In the competition, Skaat conquered the professionals' attention by winning all three Marcel Bezen Awards - a One-time achievement in the esc history

Harel Skaat - The third album Harel is currently working on his new album, which is expected to be released later this year.

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