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Shiri Maimon rose to fame when she finished second in Israel’s “A Star is Born” TV Show,  which is similar to the “American Idol” in the United States. She was one of the few artists to be signed to a recording contract by Helicon Records. In 2005, Shiri represented Israel in the Eurovision and placed 4th. Her song for the contest was “Hasheket Shenishar” which is included in her first album that was released in 2005.


Early life

Maimon was born in Haifa, Israel, and raised in Kiryat Haim. She is of Sephardi Jewish descent and was born to a father of Tunisian and Greek origin and a Moroccan mother; both parents are Jewish refugees from Arab countries. She made her debut at the age of ten, at a children's song festival. She joined the Israel Defense Forces, where she sang with the Israeli Air Force entertainment troupe. In 2001, she featured on a music video by the band Teapacks. Later, she worked a year and a half as a singer and bartender in Eilat.[1] In 2003, she auditioned for Kokhav Nolad and ended up the first runner-up.



Shiri released her first single, "Until You Understand Me" in 2004. While working on her debut album, she was a presenter on a popular daily youth TV program in Israel, EXIT.[2] In 2005, Maimon took part in the Kdam Eurovision, the pre-Eurovision song contest at which Israel's national entry is selected, and was not the favorite to win. She won first place for her performance of HaSheket SheNish'ar (The Silence that Remains). Thus she became Israel's representative at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.[3] She initially rebuffed suggestions that parts of the song should be performed in English. In the end, considering that foreign language songs had not been successful in the past, she agreed to sing half in Hebrew and half in English.[4] She was placed fourth in the contest, winning 154 points.

In September 2005, Maimon released her eponymous debut album, Shiri Maimon which went gold within a few months, selling over 20,000 copies. She appeared on the soap opera Yeladot Ra'ot (Bad Girls) on the Israeli Music Channel, where she played the role of Maya Gold, a talented singer and recording star trying to balance her career and her love life with caring for her drug-addicted brother. Her first single out of her second album was released in December 2007, entitled "Yoter Tov Lisloach" (Better to Forgive), and became a hit.

In March 2006, she began starring in a musical version of an Israeli cult movie "The Band" in the Habima theater. In January 2008 her second album Rega Lifney She... (Just Before...) was released.

Winning the MTV Europe Awards as Best Israeli Act, she went to Liverpool, where she performed a new single, "Now That You're Gone". In the competition for the "Europe's Favourite Act", she finished in 3rd place, before the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Dima Bilan, and the famous British singer Leona Lewis.[8] She was also chosen to take part in the Global One project, a worldwide project to record songs with successful local artists in their native languages in over 20 countries spanning five continents around the world.


Early in 2016, Shiri toured Israel with the winter edition of her show, “The Acoustic version by Shiri Maimon” Early in 2017 Shiri was chosen to sing the theme song of the children’s channel campaign for empowerment of young girls. In May 2017 Maimon was invited to sing in front of President Trump on his first official visit to Israel. While being 9 month pregnant, she shot the Auditios for the 3rd season of the X-Factor. By the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, Shiri released another two singles from her upcoming 4th album, “Yesh li Hakol” (I have it all) and “Ahoti” ( Sister”) and on March 2018 she will launch her new Israeli tour, which will continue all year long around the country.

On September 2018, Shiri made her International debut on Broadway, starring as Roxie Hart in the longest running & Tony awards winner musical, "Chicago". The critics praised her acting skills, stating “Her convincing appearance, the proper American accent, the orientation on the stage, the smile and the precise dance - proved how ready she came, for a moment she did not realize that this was her first time on this stage”(YNET). Following her return to Israel, Shiri will take part as a judge on the successful T.V. show, “The next star to the Eurovision”. On March 2017, she will star again as Roxi hart, when the Chicago tour will visit Israel, with It’s original Broadway production.

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