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Arkadi Duchin is a singer/songwriter living, creating and performing in Israel. He is one of the most accredited composers, singers and producers in Israeli rock music since the end of the 80's. Currently he is looking to branch out and seek new challenges in other, overseas markets. He wishes to attract your attention to his melodies. They are intended for artists who are seeking to collaborate, as well as for lyricists seeking musical backing for their ideas. This site includes his formal discography as well as a link to a site, in which Arkadi has posted demos - complete melodies sung in Gibberish - hoping to find a singer or a lyricist to collaborate with.


Arkadi Duchin was born in Byelorussia (White Russia) in 1963. His interest in music started early in his life, as a young boy. By the age of twelve he was already playing with leading bands in the local scene. At the age of 15 he immigrated along with his family to Israel, while both the invigorating contact with a brand new culture, and Arkadi’s long-lasting search for his defining artistic signature led him to write his first Hebrew songs. In 1980 Arkadi met up with Micha Shitrit, a young creative and talented artist in his own right. Together with three more session musicians they joined forces to form “Hachaverim Shel Natasha” (The Friends of Natasha), a band that has since become one of the most popular bands in Israel’s history. It took seven years for The Friends of Natasha to come out with their official debut album. All songs released to radio throughout the following campaign (“Melancholic”, “A different kind of Song”, “You’ve Got it”) became massive hits and are repeatedly heard live and over the radio ever since.

Album: Arkadi

In 1989, Arkadi released his first solo album “Rotze Veyieh” (That’s how I want it - So be it), which is dedicated to one of the greatest Russian poets, Vladimir Wisotzki. The strength of that album lay with its lack of pretension to resemble the original Russian versions. Though essentially a “covers” album, it became an Arkadi staple for years to come. Next on Arkadi’s musical journey was Natasha’s second album, “Shinuyim Behergelei Hatsricha” (Changes in Screaming Habits), which was followed by the band’s third and last album, “Radio Bla Bla” (double all-new-material studio album). These two projects paved Natasha’s sensational cross over achievement, and proved beyond any shadow of a doubt Arkadi’s abilities in all aspects of the artistic process: song-writing, producing and performing.

In 1995, Arkadi released his most personal solo album to date, "Arkadi Duchin". The self-titled project, in which all lyrics and compositions were Arkadi’s, rapidly sold over 80,000 copies (double platinum), and was backed-up by a first intimate solo tour. Accompanied only by a piano and a guitar, the tour became widely popular and was recognized as a box-office smash, drawing huge crowds and lasting well over two hundred performances.

A few years later Arkadi released an experimental double album, “Kochav Ha’Ahava” (The Love Star), which managed to go gold despite its unique and challenging alternative approach. Arkadi’s latest effort, “Lehargish” (To Feel), was released during 2001 and was produced entirely in Arkadi's home studio. This time around, the versatile artist committed himself to exploring electronic (music and production techniques) while trying not to compromise his trademark style. The album sold over 50,000 copies (platinum +) and was accompanied by yet another successful two-year long national tour.

As these lines are being written, Arkadi is far from resting on his laurels. He is currently performing with a string quartet on a solo tour that sheds yet another interesting light on songs written throughout his entire career. Parallel to that he is working on a new studio album that will most likely reacquaint him with his musical “roots” and early influences, such as the Beatles, Neil Young and Pink Floyd among others.

Throughout the years, Arkadi has written songs for many well-known Israeli artists: Arik Einstein, Nurit Galron, Shlomi Shabat, Rita and Eyal Golan are to name but a few. He had also (musically) produced albums for diverse artists in various genres, ranging from the all-out alternative “Carmella Gross Wagner” to mainstream folk for Leah Shabat. Arkadi’s deep intrigue and unquenched thirst for new challenges has also led him to compose music for Cinema and Theatre: “Smicha Chashmalit Ushma Moshe” (An Electric Blanket Named Moshe) with Assi Dayan, “Sochrei Hagumi” (The Rubber Tradesmen) by Chanoch Levin, “Tsaleket” (Scar) by Chaim Buzaglo, “Chesed Mufla” (Amazing Grace) by Amos Guttman, and numerous others.


  • 2002 - Best Composer and Arranger, by Golden Feather Awards
  • 2001 - Singer of the Year, by “Galey Tsahal” and “Reshet Gimel” (two leading radio stations).
  • 1999 - Theatre’s Composer of the Year.
  • 1998 - Lyricist of the Year, by Akum (Composers’ Rights Organization)
  • 1997 - Theatre’s Composer of the Year.
  • 1996 - Composer of the Year, by Akum (Composers’ Rights Organization)
  • 1995 - Cinema’s Composer of the Year (Israeli Oscars).

    As of today, over 700,000 of Arkadi’s albums have been sold in Israel alone!