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Nurit Galron in Boston
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In this show Nurit will be performing her hits, including:
 "You go to Sleep Early" (אתה הולך לישון מוקדם ), "Curls" (תלתלים), "Chinese Mystikens" (המיסטיקנים הסינים  ) "I Miss You" (אתה פה חסר לי), "Magical Nights" (לילות הקסומים ), "Wooden Horse" (סוס מעץ), " I have Sympathy" (יש לי סימפטיה  ), "Forgotten Childhood" (ילדות נשכחת) and many more.

A bit more about Nurit Galron

Nurit Galron is known as one of the most outstanding vocalists in Israel. Starting out in the late 70's, Nurit hasperformed and collaborated with some of the most well-known singers Israel has to offer, some of which are, Aviv Geffen, Arkadi Duchin, Shalom Hanoch, Matt Caspi and more. An all rounded performer, Nurit released 14 successful albums and went on to also act in films where she gave a memorable performance in "The Silver Tray" and "The Eagle Road"alongside Israeli singer, Gidi Gov. Growing up in Israel, Nurit began her professional career while serving in the army at the Golani Brigade. Her debut album, simply called "Nurit Galron"(which later became known as "The Purple Record", was released on June 19, 1978 and included a few of her hit songs such as, "Almost""Autumn"(Shalechet)"What will become of us"" My beloved white-necked""Maybe tomorrow" and"Magical nights(which she sang at the children's songs festival in 1977). In 2010 she released her 18th album "Then We Come", where she collaborated with famous poet Natan Zach.
Posted on: Jan 26, 2018 10:45 AM