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Hadag Nahash and Hanan Ben Ari


Hadag Nahash hosting Hanan Ben Ari in Festival Hatamar in Israel just 2 monts ago!
We're thrilled to recreate that show for you next SUNDAY night, in New York.
For tickets call 718-997-9848 
or visit bit.do/hadagnyc
ONLY for the NYC show;
Hadag Nahash, Hanan Ben Ari and Netchi Netch that won song of the year for 2017 with his song "Kol Hazman Haze(all this time)

All on one stage!
Netchi's musical roots - from hip-hop sounds of Kendrick Lamar to Damien Marley's reggae rhythms, all the way to Israeli artist, Aris San, Netchi brings it back home and combines it all.
In 2015, Netchi won the award for "new artist of the year". The authentic contrast for Netchi's personality is having the ability to create music that's both sensitive and delicate whilst still having that "it" factor. His real and noncompromising approach is what led Netchi Netch into the hearts of thousands of Israelis.

Hadag Nahash combines funky hip-hop grooves with flavors of rock, reggae and Middle Eastern music. The best-selling hip-hop artists in Israel, they have shared a stage with superstars like The Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, and Matisyahu. Hadag Nahash features a full electric band, along with turntables and samples backed by their notoriously bold frontman. Feverishly devoted to equality and civil rights, the group is the soundtrack for the Israeli struggle against corruption and racism.  
Hadag Nahash - Ani Ma'amin - I believe

Hadag Nahash - Zman Lehitorer
Hadag Nahash - Zman Lehitorer - time to wake up
"[At their show], audience members climbed onto each other's shoulders, danced in the aisles, and shouted along with the band's call-and-response.
-Rolling Stone Magazine
Named the new emissary of groove-Jewish-soul music, Hanan Ben Ari kick started his musical career with the enormous success of his first single "Mimcha Ad Elay" achieving the ultimate status of first place in the Galgalatz charts. The next singles, "Adon Haselichot" and "Ima Im Hayiti" were also leading the charts and "Hachaim Shelano Tutim" was voted "The Song of the Year", proving Hanan's versatility and significant impact on Israeli culture. 

Hanan Ben Ari - Tutim - song of the year 2016
Hanan Ben Ari - Tutim - song of the year 2016 

Hanan Ben Ari Wikipedia - with english subtitles
Hanan Ben Ari Wikipedia - with english subtitles

Netchi Netch "Kol Hazman Haze" song of the year 2017
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Posted on: Dec 01, 2017 7:34 PM