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The most successful and loved band in Israel, performing for 18 continuous years with 7 amazing albums. They have achieved every possible title from “Band of the year” to“Song of the year”, to“most popular and loved band"voted by IDF ( 3 consecutive years in a row) to Gold and Platinum albums which are known for their strong impace on Israel's culture.

In 2013 they released their 7th album “Time To Wake Up” which won Band of the year in the “Akum” Awards. Their shows are sold out well in advance and known for iheir diverse audiences.

Alongside their greatest hits” Shir Nehama”, “Lazuz”, “Lo Frayerim”, “Here I Come”, Shirat Hasticker , They will also perform new hits from their latest album, which includes the hit “A Complaint About Israel's Political Party’s”, and their theme song “Time To Wake Up”.

They have always kept their heads high, with their subjective point of view to their surroundings, translating it to their music. Hadag Nahash is known for its distinct authentic style to Israeli experiences, which is the secret to their huge success.

“The audience was a heterogeneous mix; among them parents in their 50’s and their children to teenagers and students which iIllustrates the successful connection to their variety of Israeli audiences on all levels…”– Shai Doron, Nana 10

Hadag Nahash is Israel’s leading Hip Hop band and has been topping the Israeli music charts since September 2000.

The album they released in 2006, “BeEzrat HaJam” (With the Help of the Jam) has produced three # 1 hits and has achieved Platinum status in Israel. The band plays a unique style of music that blends Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Electro and Rock with a touch of Middle Eastern flavor. This great musical fusion has garnered Hadag Nahash a large fan-base in Israel and abroad. The band has been touring extensively around the world.

On 2010, Hadag Nahash released its fifth studio album named “6″, with the internationally acclaimed musical producer Yossi Fine at the helm. All radio DJs of the album have became radio hits in Israel. The band was awarded that year with “Activist Of The Year” award for its messages and activities.

On stage, Hadag Nahash engulfs its audience in upbeat rhythm, swinging sounds, and funky lyrics, leaving them entranced and swaying along with the groove. As the refrain from their famous song “Lazuz” goes, “Hadag Nachash invites you to move, move, move..!”